Triune God, Triune Man 
Presentation for the Ekklesia, USA

Building positive momentum & Rebuilding community 
Reignite Democracy Freedom Night

Medical Descrimination 
Dee Why RSL 2022

2nd World Covid Conference Brazil

Australian Medical Professionals' Society
Reclaiming Medicine Conference 2022

World Council For Health

Are mRNA injections justified?

Better Way Conference Vienna Panel 5

Medical Practice and Pandemic Response in Australia

"Heart Matters" Masterclass - AMN
Effects of Covid vaccinations on the heart

Progressive Disconnection, Dysconnections and How to Reconnect
Part 1

No evidence of need for preventive injections, their effectiveness or safe
Adelaide Freedom Rally

Everyday Doctors
Health Alliance Australia

It's Not a Pandemic

Corporatocracy: Just 43 Countries Crack the Top 200 Economic Entities
Austria WCH

Reclaiming Medicine
AMPS Conference 2022

Covid Deaths - Double Since 'Vaccination' in Australia
HealthWhys - ABS Data

2022 Covid Death Stats - Dept. of Health vs. ABS

What happened to Flu & Pneumonia in 2020 and 2021?

Masks - Will I, Wont I - Why ... Should I?

What does "Total Mortality" and "Excess Mortality" mean?

Natural Immunity and SARS COV2 and Related "Sarbe-cov-viruses" - Part 1

Natural Immunity and SARS COV2 and Related "Sarbe-cov-viruses" - Part 2

Peak Mortalities

2022 Dept. Health Covid Statistics

Who is the WHO and What are they Doing?
AMN Masterclass

Professor Robyn Cosford Re-Joins Dr. Paul Oosterhuis
Cafe Locked Out

Monday Night with Prof Robyn Cosford and Dr. Paul Oosterhuis
Cafe Locked Out

Freedom Festival
Coffs Harbour July 16-17th 2023

The Wheel of Health - 7 key areas of health and wellbeing.
AMN Masterclass

“We Are The Change” Rally in Geneva
4-hour rally in front of the UN building as WHO are completing their treaty negotiations.

Masks: What Are They Good For?
A PowerPoint Lecture