Client  Testimonies

The  Tsikarios Family Health Journey

Dr Cosford has been our beacon back to health. 

Our family has over the years suffered with a myriad of chronic conditions that have affected our gastrointestinal, reproductive, cardiovascular and neurological health. Conditions we were told could not be reversed - only treated by doctors and specialists who operated in a system based on fear and control. 

Unlike these previous dealings, of endless appointments, medications and surgeries, Dr Cosford's approach truly embodies the principles of the Hippocratic Oath. She has patiently mentored and taught each of us to understand the root cause of our conditions and provided us with the tools and support that has ultimately allowed for us to heal.

When we are asked what makes Dr Cosford stand out from the rest, we reply... Does your doctor ever ask you what you eat, how you move, and what you do to stay healthy? Does your doctor set an example for all these things, and spend the time to get to know you, your hopes and health aspirations? Ours does and so should yours. 

Dr Cosford has taught us that healing is a two-way street. As a practitioner she has helped each of us to step back into our bodies, understand and take responsibility for our actions and has helped us to create a freedom and lifestyle that we could never have imagined. 

We are grateful and blessed to have her as our doctor. 

Tsakirios Family, Sydney, Australia

Marlene Mathew

Dear Robyn

Some years ago I was diagnosed with a hyperactive thyroid, or Grave's disease. The initial consult was so dire the local GP said it could kill me and he would book me for an operation the following day. The consequential lifelong dependence on daily tablets with their side effects did not seem a great solution.

When I first came to Dr Cosford's clinic I was a mum who was seriously unwell. My eyes were bulging, a huge goitre on my neck, serious shaking and very thin. I was met with words of confident hope, a prayer, thorough investigation and astute natural treatment. Within days of starting a new regimen and remedies, my alarming symptoms subsided. My eyes calmed, shaking subsided and more.

Over time my whole health improved, and my thyroxin levels came to 'normal', which doctors had previously deemed "Impossible, irreversible, never happened before."
Decades on, I am now still alive, with perfect thyroid function, no Grave's disease but full of life raised from the grave!

I have referred many with an array of medical issues to Doctor Cosford, and have seen many healed from symptoms that mystified other doctors.
Ever grateful


Intellectual disability; Dyspraxia; Autism; Asperger’s Syndrome; learning difficulties; Sensory Processing Disorder; anger outbursts (resulting in violence); Tic Disorder; Tourette Syndrome; ADHD; oppositional defiance; anxiety; Obsessive Compulsive Disorder; inability to cope with change; unhappiness and depression; digestive issues; pale complexion; fatigue; foggy brain; poor muscle tone; and severe expressive and receptive language delays. These were the buzz words used to describe my children.

We wasted precious time with different Pediatricians, General Practitioners (GPs), Clinical Geneticists and Immunologists. All of them conventional doctors and none of them any help, they hadn’t a clue! Our treatment options were behaviour management and drugs. The children’s prognosis was to live a life of affliction and incapacity. Could it really be true that it was simply their destiny in life?

We are forever grateful to the guardian angel that led us to you and your team. With love and deep compassion you listened, and you understood. Then systematically and meticulously you transformed the lives of my children. My children are now happy and full of life, they confidently embrace all opportunities that come their way, and they have a bright and productive future. They are healthy. They are capable.

You have filled our hearts with light. Thank you.

Canberra, ACT

Sarah McDouall

I was fortunate to find Dr Robyn Cosford in 2015 when I was chronically ill. At this point in my health I was predominantly bedbound and unable to do most daily functions. I had seen so many doctors and specialist and was on a cocktail of pain medicines to 'help' with symptoms. I was still in excruciating pain, with almost daily migraines and a myriad of other debilitating symptoms. I was diagnosed from a western medicine point of view with severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (post viral) and chronic migraines. 

Although I had finally been given a diagnosis the prognosis was not promising and doctors I had been seeing were unable to assist with my pain management. I experienced enormous side effects from the medications I was given and I had reached a point of absolute despair. I was given Robyn's contact details from a friend and booked in to see her. Thank goodness I did! 

From the first consultation Robyn took time to understand everything about my systems and myself looking at my health in a complete holistic way. Robyn's knowledge is incredible and she was able to piece together through her knowledge and various tests why my body was unwell. Robyn has a 'there is always a solution' and 'your body knows how to heal' approach. By following Robyn's recommendations I am now incredibly well. My health is fantastic and I can now 100% say that I rarely get any migraines or any CFS type symptoms. 

I live my life to the fullest but most importantly I have learnt so much over the years from Robyn which ensures that I keep healthy. If I do have bouts of illness I now know what I need to do to get back on track. Robyn has taught me how I can manage my own health and given me the tools to ensure I stay healthy and vibrant for years to come. I highly recommend Robyn, she is a thorough and dedicated practitioner.

India Drinan

We were referred to Robyn by a friend when we'd hit a difficult time with our 6yo son. His school had concerns over his focus, with his writing and maths falling behind. He was often daydreaming in class, found it hard to take instructions, recall information and was experiencing sensory issues . The school was concerned he wouldn't keep up and would soon fall far behind. We had also noticed a 'fuzziness' in his focus, and vibrancy. He was in his own world much of the day, walking off of the court in the middle of a basketball game in a daze, unable to focus on the game or connect, let alone have the energy to run around- he was lethargic. He was restricting food, not even tolerating a vegetable near his plate, let alone on it. 

Upon seeing Robyn, she throughly explained to us how his diet, heavy metal load, mixed with a mineral and vitamin deficiency was effecting George's cognition and brain function. 

George, made improvements instantly after being on Robyns protocol, but over the 1.5 years of treatment he has just continued to flourish.

He now eats a plates of rainbow coloured fruits and vegetables, he is not only thriving in his school work, but we no longer hear from the school regarding any issues in the classroom and this year he was awarded the academic award for his year group. 
George has found a love and talent in his basketball game, and worked his way up from the bottom graded team to the seconds. He has even found skill and passion for a host of other sports he now plays. He has excelled in learning electric guitar, another passion of his that took off after his focus and brain function strengthened. 

George's sensory issues gradually fell away, now a distant memory.

However most importantly, our vibrant, intelligent, kind and vital little boy is back. He has endless amounts of energy and is sleeping better, growing strong and has a very bright future.

We feel incredibly blessed to have found Robyn, she has now worked with all members of our family, whilst educating us on how to take control of our individual health and wellness, through natural and holistic avenues our family has always valued so highly.
We are forever grateful for her endless knowledge and care, she is a gift to our family and a gift to anyone in her care.