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A Hebrew word that means 'overflowing', as in 'my cup overflows'. Jesus came so that we should have life and have it in all its abundance; body, soul and spirit

Do you desire to be living a life of abundant and overflowing health and vitality?

You are in the right place!

Health Revolution

Is our health a ticking time bomb?

Current Day Health Problems
The patterns of disease are changing: despite all the medicines and technology of the modern era, we are sicker than ever before. 

We are under a delusion that we are living longer: this only applies to those who were born before WW2. For the first time in the history of man, our children will short live us.

Infertility rates are rising, more babies are being born prematurely, more babies now suffer severe reflux disease, developmental issues, allergies. More children suffer behavioural and learning disorders, ADHD and autism. More teens have emotional and eating disorders and drug abuse issues. 

More young women have chronic fatigue or severe period problems or severe abdominal pain. Auto-immune disorders are increasing and coming into younger age groups. Cancer rates are increasing and coming into younger age groups. People are developing multiple diseases and dying younger.

The School of Divine Health

Solutions going forward
I am offering solutions to these issues. Not another pill or potion, but a deeper understanding both globally and individually of what is happening and how you can reposition yourself and your loved ones for a life of divine health. 

I am seeking to empower you by sharing 35 years of experience and knowledge, so that you too, can live in the divine health that I am now blessed with.
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Professor Robyn

Your New Health Expert
I'm Professor Robyn Cosford and I love helping people achieve health and wellness results that exceed their expectations. It's a pleasure to connect here and I hope I have the opportunity to surprise you with what is possible for your health and wellness.

During my 35 year career as an integrative medical specialist I have helped hundreds of clients overcome health issues ranging from minor irritations through to life threatening illnesses that have in many cases been written off as "incurable" by the mainstream medical system.

I have now found myself standing as a catalyst of a divine health awakening that is empowering people to take back control of their own health by uncovering how science, nature and spiritual wisdom work perfectly together to create a life overflowing with abundance of every kind.

I'm inviting you to join me on a journey of discovery to learn about "Revaya Life" and the secrets and science that awaken divine health.

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Health & Wellness Coach
I am a certified health and nutrition coach, a qualified personal trainer, and am currently in my final year of studies at the Australian Catholic University, studying a Bachelor of Health & Nutrition Science. 

I can help you;
• Bridge the gap between traditional and holistic health care
• Rewrite your personal health journey so that you can become your most impactful health advocate

I offer:
• Advocacy and support services
• Evidence-based health research and education
• Personalised health and nutrition action plans developed around your goals, values and budget

Please contact me via my website for all enquiries / bookings.


Just some interesting stats to run by you...

COVID death figures 

Australia Board of Statistics
January 31, 2022

Pre-existing conditions in COVID

Australia Board of Statistics
March 2020 - February 2022


Professor Robyn

As Professor Cosford is a retired medical practitioner she is not able to offer medical consultations with diagnosis and medical prescriptions.

Professor Cosford is, however, available for lifestyle and wellness consultations and advice.

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Just some interesting stats to run by you...

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